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More Instagram Followers App is? AiGrow and Kicksta

It’s time to learn more about Kicksta and AiGrow if you’ve resolved to advance your Instagram marketing but need help deciding which to select. To determine which app will provide you with the most actual Instagram followers, we’ll compare each Instagram growth service side by side today.

More Instagram Followers App is? AiGrow and Kicksta

Setup: Kicksta vs AiGrow

How to Create an Account on AiGrow

You must visit https://app.aigrow.me/signup to register with AiGrow, where you must enter your name, email address, and password. You’ll then log into Instagram to start your seven-day free trial.

How to Create a Kicksta Account

With Kicksta, you can start your natural growth process to get real Instagram followers in three simple steps:

  • Homepage for Kicksta
  • Visit Kicksta’s website.
  • Enter your email.

By choosing “Get Started,” you can select the payment plan that best suits your needs. Kicksta pricing plan


How Does AiGrow Function?

You can choose to like, follow, or unfollow users on AiGrow, an option to get them to attract back to your page.

Our feed was flooded with thousands of posts from people the app followed on our behalf when we used AiGrow’s track/unfollow option.

While using this technique, you might expand your following, but it will also significantly increase the number of people you follow, which will clog up your Instagram feed.

Direct messages can also be sent to those who follow you back or automatically leave “personalized” comments on their posts.

This more prominent touch point might attract attention, but our research shows that you’ll also get a lot of marketing messages in your direct messages.

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What is Kicksta’s Process?

Kicksta offers the same ability as AiGrow to gain new Instagram followers through the liking process.

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Here is a little video describing the Kicksta service’s operation and the strategies we employ to locate the ideal audience for your content.

Kicksta does not provide automatic direct messages or comments, unlike AiGrow. If carried out improperly, these strategies can damage your brand’s reputation and are sometimes regarded as “spammy.”

Kicksta has everything you need if you seek automation that can organically expand your account while keeping your brand integrity in mind.

Targeting Options for AiGrow

You can choose the kinds of audiences you want to attract using your AiGrow Dashboard.

Target Instagram users can be located using their hashtags, locations, and accounts they follow.

Options for Kicksta Targeting

You may also define your audience with hashtags, locations, and accounts consistent with your brand on Kicksta to start naturally developing your account.

Kicksta will interact with users who follow such accounts by loving their photographs as you set your target audience.

Kicksta will never follow or like an accountant who doesn’t fit your target audience’s tastes.

These users will likely start following you because they already follow a page similar to yours and find your material interesting.

Filters What Filters Does AiGrow Offer?

As previously said, you may target your audience based on the hashtags, locations, and accounts they follow.

You’ll gain more followers, but it doesn’t say how or if they determine whether these are legitimate profiles or spam pages.

You can choose whether or not AiGrow comments, likes, follows, unfollows, or sends messages inside the filtering part of the AiGrow Dashboard.

Similarly, you have control over how many follows, unfollows, likes, and comments are made daily.

Filters aigrow

The target for AiGrow’s beginner plan is “600 likes/200 follows/unfollows and 200 comments,” while the target for their premium plan is “1100 likes, 370 comments, and 370 follows/unfollows,” according to a spokesman. However, there needs to be a place on the AiGrow Dashboard to track the number of daily interactions.

You can also choose the “don’t follow same users” or “don’t follow private user” filters as an extra targeting option.

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What Filters Are Available on Kicksta?

The filters on Kicksta do far more than just let you choose which hashtags, locations, and accounts you wish to interact with.

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Our Instagram marketing service is one of Instagram’s safest and most focused growth services because of Kicksta’s sophisticated filtering and like technique.

Kicksta uses the following filters to weed out spam and unwanted accounts.

  • Leave private accounts alone.
  • Ignore inactive or inactive accounts posted for less than 90 days.
  • Do not follow suspicious accounts (accounts with an improper follower-to-following ratio).
  • Disregard New Accounts (Accounts have been newly created in the last few months)

Want to increase your Instagram account naturally and attract REAL followers?

To further separate your data, Kicksta also offers the following sophisticated filters:

Kicksta does not let you determine the number of activities that are carried out per day, in contrast to AiGrow.

However, the most cutting-edge component of Kicksta enables our program to learn and automatically imitate human behaviours.

With the help of this function, we can interact with your Instagram account as much as possible while keeping your account safe.

Kicksta will carry out up to 1,500 interactions per day on your behalf.

You can choose users who genuinely care about your account using Kicksta’s sophisticated filters and organic approaches, enhancing your interaction rate for each post and the number of followers you have.

Support and Maintenance

How is the customer service at AiGrow?

In addition to a FAQ, AiGrow has a support page. If you require assistance in three minutes or less, go to your mailbox to contact a Social Agent. While reading customer evaluations of AiGrow, we found that there were many complaints about the promptness of users, and some even wondered if AiGrow was a hoax. Here are some reviews of growth.

How is the customer service at Kicksta?

Clients can access live chat or email support at any time using Kicksta. Additionally, Kicksta offers a thorough FAQ and Kicksta Video Courses that provide brief responses to frequently asked issues.


How Can I Use AiGrow to track Instagram Growth?

To view the AiGrow reports, go to the Activity Stats area. You can see a bar graph of your activity, direct messages, and AiGrow follower growth over time.

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Analytics by aigrow

How Can I Use Kicksta to Track Instagram Growth?

Kicksta leverages high-level analytics and individual target performance to show the development of your organic growth. You may view the total number of users who have earned followers under Kicksta’s “followers gained” section. You may find the net number of followers obtained in Kicksta’s daily stats section.

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Clients can also determine the ability of each target account’s performance individually to see which offers the best returns. Kicksta customers may use this function to eliminate underperforming goals, spot trends, and create new targets for more gains. Kickstart’s latest posts area is an additional benefit for customers.

You may track your engagement rate on this page and any comments and likes you’ve gotten on recent posts. This makes it simpler for Kicksta users to upload content similar to the most popular posts. Kicksta is a one-stop shop for all your tracking and organic growth needs, thanks to these analytics.


Pricing differentiates one from the other in addition to the features, analytics tools, and automated procedures. There are various AiGrow pricing options. You can view all 17 choices under the Upgrade Plan section. Depending on the month of Instagram accounts, the number of automatic direct messages, the frequency of posts, and the auto answers plan range from $49 to $1,188 per month. Pricing for aigrow There are currently no active AiGrow coupons available.

What is the price of Kicksta?

There are only two payment options available for Kicksta to keep things simple:

1. The Kicksta Creative Plan gives you access to the Kicksta Instagram growth tool and fundamental filters.

Influencers and business owners starting their Instagram marketing campaigns should use this strategy.

2. The Professional Plan, which offers access to all of Kicksta’s features, filters, and targeting choices, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager, allows you to access all of Kicksta’s capabilities.

Kickstart’s sophisticated targeting system is ideal for companies and social media agencies seeking steady growth from their perfect target audience.

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee included with each plan.

Kicksta is the best option for anyone wishing to grow their following on Instagram but also obtain real followers using safe and organic techniques. It offers ideal-quality features and products at both price points.


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