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5 Best LastPass Alternatives Change Password Services In 2023

LastPass, a password manager business, made significant modifications to its free offering in February 2021. It limited free accounts to one device type, either PCs or mobile devices, with support for additional types shifting to premium Premium and Family plans, making it a less appealing alternative for many people who do not wish to pay.

Then, in December 2022, LastPass experienced its second security incident of the year. The first incident entailed the penetration of a software engineer’s laptop, according to a March update, and “information stolen in the first incident was used to identify targets and initiate the second incident.” In the second scenario, an attacker gained unauthorized access to cloud backups, including “system configuration data, API secrets, third-party integration secrets, and encrypted and unencrypted LastPass customer data” – even though LastPass does not store user master passwords.

What is Pushbullet?

Given LastPass’s recent troubles and limitations, you may be seeking a new password vault and manager to store your account credentials and autofill forms. Bitwarden is our top choice for the best LastPass alternative. It offers both free and low-cost subscription options for people and businesses, as well as support for single sign-on portals and synchronization across limitless devices. It also includes extensive security features to safeguard your personal and professional profiles. Continue reading for the remainder of our recommendations for the finest LastPass alternatives to consider.

5 Best LastPass Alternatives Change Password Services In 2023:

1. 1Password

1Password, like LastPass, offers an automatic form filler, cross-platform support, multi-factor authentication, a password generator, and improved data encryption. Because of these overlapping characteristics, it is a feasible alternative to consider.

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Although 1Password does not provide a free subscription, it does offer a 14-day trial of its premium plan. Following the trial period, a personal plan costs $2.99 per month, while the Teams Starter plan for businesses costs $19.95 per month for up to ten workers. The Business plan is also available for $7.99 per user per month.

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1Password Features:

  • Travel Mode: This feature allows you to temporarily eliminate sensitive information from your devices when traveling.
  • Secure Document Storage: Store confidential documents, such as passports and insurance policies, in an encrypted format that is protected by a master password.
  • Watchtower: 1Password’s Watchtower feature tracks website security concerns and promptly notifies you of any issues, enabling you to keep your accounts safe.

2. TeamPassword

TeamPassword is ideal for collaborative teams, such as agencies managing various client passwords and small organizations looking to improve security across departments. One aspect that sets TeamPassword apart from similar products is its user-friendly layout, which makes navigation easier. This not only improves the customer experience daily but also enables smooth onboarding for new team members.

TeamPassword Features:

  • Easy accessibility: Team members can easily access their tools and services from any device.
  • Intuitive user interface: The simple and user-friendly UI enables effortless use of all features, resulting in a high adoption rate.
  • Password sharing: Sharing passwords with team members or groups is a hassle-free process with just a few clicks. Access restrictions can also be implemented quickly.
  • Password generator: TeamPassword generates strong, random, and secure passwords on your behalf.
  • Security features: TeamPassword offers robust security features, including two-step verification (enforceable) and encryption, to ensure the safety of your data.
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Simple access: Team members can use any device to access their tools and services.
Intuitive user interface: The simple and user-friendly UI makes all functionality easy to use, resulting in a high adoption rate.

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3. Nordpass

NordPass is a dependable option that allows for cross-platform access, password generation, and storage with no storage restrictions. It goes beyond password management to securely store sensitive information in folders for quick and easy access. WordPress offers a free personal account that can be upgraded to a paid premium account. Their commercial pricing includes a two-year plan with a free trial that costs $3.59 per user/month.

Nordpass Features:

  • Store without limits: NordPass lets you store an unlimited number of passwords, credit cards, and notes in your vault without worrying about storage limits.
  • Stay informed about data breaches: The data breach scanner notifies you whenever your email or password is detected in a data breach, so you can take quick action to secure your accounts.
  • Advanced authentication: NordPass uses time-based one-time password (TOTP) and universal two-factor (U2F) authentication to provide an extra layer of security for your data.

4. Dashlane

other Dashlane, like  LastPass alternatives, offers various similar features, such as a password generator, password sharing, autofill, and accessibility capabilities, to help users organize, speed up, and secure their online activities.

Features Dashlane :

  • Password changer: Update your passwords on supported websites with just a few clicks using this feature.
  • Dark web monitoring: Receive alerts if your data is found on the dark web as this service scans the internet for compromised information.
  • Secured note: Save sensitive information like passport numbers or business details within the app and grant access only to trusted parties with this feature.
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How to Switch Password Managers

Secured note: With this function, you may save important information like passport numbers or business details within the app and grant access only to trusted individuals.

Which Password Manager is the Best For You?

Changing password managers is a simple process that just takes a few steps. You must first export your data from your current password manager before importing it into your new LastPass alternative.

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5. Bitwarden

Bitwarden, an open-source alternative to LastPass, prioritizes security and usability by including features like robust encryption, unlimited device synchronization, zero-knowledge encryption, and password creation. These functions make password management simple and secure. Bitwarden offers a variety of price plans, including personal and family plans as well as commercial plans beginning at $3.00 per user/month, making it an inexpensive alternative for both personal and professional use.

Bitwarden Features:

  • Bitwarden Send: This feature lets you securely share encrypted information with others, such as passwords or credit card details, and set a self-destruct timer for added protection.
  • Secure Notes: Bitwarden also provides secure storage for other types of sensitive information beyond passwords.
  • Vault Health Reports: Bitwarden generates reports that analyze the strength and security of your passwords, providing a score for each one. By using this data, you can identify and address potential security concerns proactively.

Final Words:

When you log into Gmail, you’ll get a popup window with a brief explanation and an On/Off slider at some point. To enable Enhanced Safe Browsing, move the On/Off slider to the On position. If you don’t see the popup, you can activate it on this page. The increased phishing protection in Gmail will be activated once enabled.


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