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Top 5 Best Chewy Alternatives Like Chewy In 2023

One of the most well-known online pet supply stores, Chewy offers a wide variety of supplies for all different types of animals. Nevertheless, despite Chewy’s sometimes vast inventory, it might not always have what you’re looking for. Sometimes products go out of stock, or Chewy promo code may not be able to deliver to your area. To reduce the possibility of running out of supplies, it is a good idea to have a few backup stores that you can visit. As a result of our study, we have reviews of several reliable and trustworthy pet supply stores. So that you know exactly where to go if Chewy dog food doesn’t have what you need, spend some time getting to know these stores.

Top 5 Best Chewy Alternatives Like Chewy In 2023:

1. Petco

Come to PetCo With over 1500 physical locations across the United States and Mexico, PetCo offers an alternative to Chewy login. The provision of a wide variety of dog foods is PetCo’s main priority. For your loved one, they provide dry and canned food, fresh food, veterinarian diets, freeze-dried food, and fresh food. It’s comforting that there are many opportunities to take advantage of special deals and that the brand’s pricing ranges from reasonably priced foods to luxury ones. For items that are in stock, it also commonly offers free same-day delivery. Sometimes the same regulations apply to kerbside pickup. You can always receive a discount if you sign up for repeat delivery, after which your meal will be delivered for free. As often as the client wants, they can employ this method.

If you return an online purchase to one of their physical stores, you won’t have to pay for shipping. Additionally, its exclusive rewards program enables you to receive amazing savings and one-of-a-kind gifts like birthday presents for your dogs. The brand’s actual stores are now offering added services including training sessions, self-serve dog washes, and grooming salons.

At PetCo, you may find products in a variety of categories, including pharmacy, cat, dog, new and trending, fish, reptile, bird, small pets, farm, and feed. Each category also features extra subsections to aid clients in their product selection and provide more clarity. Among the Chewy Alternatives is this one.

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  • The online store is easy to use.
  • Offer free shipping on the majority of delivery options.
  • Rewards for loyalty schemes and recurring deliveries.
  • possess a physical storefront of more than 1500.
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2. PetSmart

PetSmart, is one of the largest physical pet retailers in the world, with more than 1650 sites in well-known nations like the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and others. You may find pet food in almost every category. Furthermore, due to the website’s user-friendliness, it is simple to check out and browse. Offering free shipping to the vast majority of US areas is just one of PetSmart’s fantastic advantages. As a result, if your order is $49 or more, you qualify for free shipping. A further important advantage of ordering from PetSmart is the speed with which the food is delivered. Because of this, you won’t have to wait weeks or even days for your pet’s food to come.

Furthermore, their physical stores are where you may return the products you purchased online. For cutting-edge services and products, you can use their reward program to exchange your points for them. Pet daycare, grooming salons, and training programs are just a few of the extra services that are offered at many of the PetSmart physical sites. In total, it works together for benevolent goals with about 4000 governmental and nonprofit organizations. They support the funding of animal-related projects like stray animal adoption and clinics that neuter and spay dogs. Among the Chewy com Alternatives is this one. also, look at Ahrefs alternatives

Special Points/Highlights:

  • There are about 1650 physical stores, the most of which are found in urban regions.
  • Their internet store offers thousands of alternatives across numerous catalogs.
  • They provide a broad selection of shipping options. In addition to curbside pickup, same-day delivery, and auto-ship delivery, they also provide free standard delivery for qualifying items in orders that total more than $49.
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3. BarkBox

In contrast to other online pet stores on our list of Chewy rivals, BarkBox does not offer a website where you may purchase the items you need and receive service anytime you need it. When you sign up for BarkBox each month, you get goods and services for dogs. Each month, it provides over 2 million dogs with food and supplies with the aid of its Super Chewer and Barkbox subscription services as well as retail distribution. Among the Chewy Alternatives is this one.

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The operation of the brand is simple. Every subscription box will contain items valued at around $40, with the majority being toys and confectionery. The time it takes for these monthly subscription boxes to arrive varies depending on where you reside. On their website, under the subject of monthly memberships, there are four different alternatives; they don’t have categories. Options on the list for monthly subscriptions include Super Chewer, Bright, Eats, and Box.


  • Provide a range of monthly memberships. Each box has a unique assortment of items for your pet to enjoy.
  • With the box they first ordered, new subscribers receive one box absolutely free.
  • Items that are difficult to find in local pet stores or online may be included in the box.

4. Amazon

Amazon is a huge online retailer where you can find anything, as you may have previously realized. A wide range of pet supplies are also available there. Thanks to Amazon’s current discounts, you may also buy a lot of pet food. Among the Chewy Alternatives is this one. Moreover, look at Crayon Alternatives.

One of Amazon’s best benefits is that you can look up actual customer reviews and ratings of the product there, which will tremendously help you make decisions and allow you to see the actual products in photographs. For orders over a particular amount on the bulk of the products, free delivery is provided. Deliveries additionally frequently arrive in 3-6 days. Several promotions, such as rebates and discounts, are also available to you. Amazon is therefore one of the best internet destinations for discovering reasonably priced, superior animal items. Including toys, snacks, and other goods, Amazon sells everything you need to assemble a home grooming salon. There are also homes and doctors listed on the internet.

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  • A huge assortment of things.
  • For customers who place a minimum order, shipping is free.

5. Allivet

With a Google rating of above 4.5 stars, Allivet, one of the most well-known animal online retailers, also runs physical stores. To help you with your dogs, a wide variety of tools are offered on Allivet. You can opt to have your order delivered from their official website or to have it picked up kerbside from one of their nearby physical stores. They are normally open for 11 hours. On their website, several categories may be found, including pet stores for horses, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and farms. These major categories have been further divided into subcategories to save you time and prevent you from being directed to the incorrect website. Among the Chewy Alternatives is this one.

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You can also acquire all of the meds at a discount because they are affiliated with the leading pet pharmaceutical company. You usually get to benefit from amazing bargains and make savings as well. The customer care page is always an option for contacting them. On Allivet, you can find information about caring for dogs, horses, cats, agricultural animals, fish, and other things.


  • We promise to give you the lowest prices on pet medications found online.
  • For orders of $49 or more, delivery is free.
  • A constant inventory of more than 3000 of the things on the website.
  • They run a pharmacy with a valid license.

Final words:

PetSmart is our prefered Chewy online pet store option overall, according to our reviews. It shares many of Chewy’s features and also offers some items that Chewy does not. We adore Petco for the same reasons that we adore PetSmart, including the availability of online, in-store, or speedy kerbside pickup options.

Another company we support is BudgetPetCare because it offers prescription drugs for a variety of pet breeds and the shipping and delivery procedure is quite swift and easy. Last but not least, we highly recommend Amazon due of its simplicity and convenience.


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