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Top 7 Best Kayako Alternatives To Watch Free Online

You may be familiar with Kayako if you work in customer support. It is a customer care platform that lets organizations centralize numerous support channels such as email and live chat. When support personnel handle inquiries, they gain a comprehensive view of customer dialogues. Kayako is notable for its ‘Expert Collaboration’ function. It enables independent support agents to collaborate with your in-house support team. This is very helpful when dealing with complex questions and requests.

Pricing with Kayako:

you’re considering sadako vs Kayako for your support team, you should be aware of the issues that Kayako users face. For example, as many users have pointed out, Kayako’s customer service is a letdown. Kayako has two pricing options: Kayako Cloud and Classic On-Premise. Only by requesting a demo can you access the pricing information for these models, which is not available on their website. In addition, Kayako advertises its support plans (Standard and Platinum) separately on the website, implying that comprehensive platform support is priced separately. If you are thinking about switching from sadako vs. Kayako or simply looking for alternatives that will work better for your support team, here are ten options to consider:

Top 7 Best Kayako Alternatives To Watch Free Online:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a pioneer in the field of customer support software. Zendesk’s support tools allow for multi-channel support, self-service, and other features. It includes practically all of the functionality your support team could require, which is why we believe Zendesk is the best Kayako saeki option for enterprise organizations.


Excellent automation. Support leaders can automate a variety of tasks using Zendesk Triggers and automation. Zendesk can help your team’s manual efforts by doing everything from informing other teams to automatically elevating tickets.

Extensive analytics. Zendesk Explore is Zendesk’s reporting product. It is significantly more customizable and allows for deeper analysis than Kayako, but it has a severe learning curve. There have been thousands of integrations. Zendesk has its marketplace with over 1500 apps that have native integrations. If you need to connect a tool to Zendesk, there’s a good chance an app already exists for it. Zendesk’s powerful features make it an excellent choice for large organizations and teams that support complicated products.

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Zendesk has several pricing tiers, each with varied functionality. Their most basic plan starts at $19/agent per month, but for functionality more comparable to Kayako’s, you’d probably need to spend at least $49/agent per month. Zendesk enterprise solutions offer significantly more functionality, but pricing begins at $150 per agent per month.

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2.  Help Scout

Several things about Help Scout make it a perfect option for Kayako, including its ease of setup, collaborative features, and superior out-of-the-box reporting. As a result, we believe Help Scout is the best the grudge Kayako alternative for small to medium-sized enterprises in need of a dependable support solution.


Help Scout’s monthly pricing tiers range from $20/agent to $65/agent. An annual package will save you roughly 20% on total costs. Help Scout can be tried out for free with TestBox and compared to other popular customer support tools.
Alternatives for Help Scout

3. Gorgias

Gorgias is an e-commerce help desk platform. Everything in Gorgias is designed with e-commerce support teams in mind, and it shows. That is why we believe Gorgias is the best Kayako substitute for online businesses. From macros to tags to omnichannel support, Gorgias makes it easy to understand where and why your customers are contacting you, allowing you to deliver help promptly.


Gorgias provides monthly and annual plans, with monthly plans starting at $10 for 50 tickets. As your ticket sales grow, so does the cost of your plan, which may cost up to $900 per month for 5000 tickets, with ease. A modest discount on the price of a ticket is available for those who choose to use it. Gorgias also includes several optional add-ons, such as automation, which incur additional fees.

4. Front

Front is an inbox collaboration solution that combines the best features of email and team collaboration. It focuses on consolidating all customer messages into one location and making it easy for your team to take ownership of issues and collaborate as needed.

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The front is similar in many ways to a supercharged Gmail inbox. Front enables your support team to keep on top of a high volume of incoming queries from customers using intelligent tags, clever routing, and easy-to-use automation. Front interfaces with approximately 100 prominent SaaS tools, which is significantly more than Kayako does. It’s the best Kayako option for support teams aiming to streamline their communications and stay at the forefront of everything they do.

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Front’s Starter plan is only $15 per seat each month. You’ll pay anywhere from $49/seat to $229/seat per month for greater functionality. The front also includes optional add-ons that may be purchased for an additional fee. The front can be tried out for free with TestBox and compared to other popular customer support tools.
Front Page Alternatives

5.   Dixa

Dixa is a newcomer to the support software industry. Dixa’s most notable trait is its breadth. It centralizes everything your support team requires, from phone to chat to email and social media. Dixa also includes customer satisfaction surveys, extensive analytics, a chatbot creator, and a quality assurance tool.

Dixa outperforms Kayako in several areas, including robust reporting and analytics. It’s easy to understand what your customers are asking and what your support team is working on when you use Dixa. Although Dixa’s platform includes nearly all of the tools that your support staff may require, its dozens of integrations make it easy to connect to other tools or systems if the need arises. For organizations looking for an all-in-one platform solution, we believe Dixa is the best Kayako option.


Dixa has three categories of pricing, as well as unique Enterprise pricing. The price of a seat at a restaurant is based on the number of people it seats. All Dixa plans have a minimum of seven seats.

6. HubSpot Service Hub

Although HubSpot is best recognized for its sales and marketing solutions, its Service Hub is an excellent customer support tool on its own. It includes most of the functionality you’d expect, such as omnichannel messaging, live chat, and knowledge base capabilities. One useful feature of Service Hub is the ability to set up a protected customer portal, allowing your customers additional ownership and visibility into their interactions with your support team. It’s more efficient than email and can make the support experience feel more collaborative.

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Having said that, Service Hub might improve in two areas: ticket management and user usability. Reviewers frequently comment that the Service Hub interface is not simple and that setting up ticket routines can be challenging. Service Hub is more powerful than Kayako in several ways, but it has a learning curve.

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For firms who already use HubSpot for sales and marketing operations, the Service Hub is the best Kayako option. It’s also an excellent choice for small organizations searching for a free tool to manage basic support jobs.

7.  Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a user-friendly help desk tool that bills itself as “fast to launch and scale.” Freshdesk’s feature set is comparable to that of many of the companies on this list and includes things like multichannel support, extensive ticket management, automation, analytics, and more. Freshdesk is the best Kayako replacement for smaller teams searching for a low-cost customer support ticketing tool, in our opinion.

While the breadth of features and customizations isn’t as extensive as that of a tool like Zendesk, Freshdesk users love how easy it is to use. It’s a fantastic tool for helping you respond to customers effectively, which is what it’s intended to do. In this regard, Freshdesk is similar to Kayako, whose users admire the tool’s simplicity.


Freshdesk has a free tier for up to ten agents (with a limited set of features). More functionality will cost you anything from $15 and $79 per agent per month. Freshdesk may be tried out for free with TestBox and compared to other popular customer support tools.
Scout needs your assistance. Help Scout is a fantastic all-in-one customer support tool for small businesses. Its primary feature set includes an easy-to-manage knowledge base solution, live chat, and automation for multi-channel support.


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