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9 Best Free STEP File Viewer Software For Windows

Here is a list of Windows’s top free STEP and STP file viewer programs. STP files and STEP files have a similar structure. Since STEP and STP files are frequently used to create 3D diagrams, specific software is needed to view them. You can choose to rotate, move, pan, zoom, etc., your STEP files with this free freeware. Options include a top view, a bottom view, a front view, a back view, a left view, a right view, and many other views.

Using some STEP file viewers, you may also add different colour schemes to STEP files. This lets you view the elements of drawings in various colours and tones. The STEP file viewers listed below can all be used without cost. To learn more about them, read the entire article. Additionally, you will learn how to use this PC software to view STEP files.

Software I Like Best for Viewing STEP Files:

I Like Geomagic Verify Viewer the Best of the programs provided here. Using our free STEP file viewer software, you may view STEP files and STP files. Different viewing options are offered, including zoom, rotate, flipping, changing visibility, changing the viewpoint, changing the viewport, etc. You may add shade, shade with edges, texture, and region effects to STEP and STP files using various software options. The best software of this freeware is that it enables users to add colours to STEP files and experiment with multiple colours to create different shades, which is impossible with other programs.

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9 Best Free STEP File Viewer Software For Windows

Viewer Verify Geomagic


The straightforward freeware program Geomagic Verify Viewer serves as both a STEP file viewer and an STP viewer. This STEP viewer freeware provides several tools to let you view STEP or STP files in detail. You have the option to flip, rotate, and zoom STEP files. Different elements have on/off switches for visibility. You can switch between viewpoints, viewports, mesh and body display options, among other things. You can view STEP and STP files from various viewpoints using the change perspective option, including top, bottom, left, and right views and front and back views. The lines that makeup STEP or STP files are seen in mesh display mode. Using some of the options, you can view it in a point set, wireframe, shaded, shaded with edges, texture, and region modes.

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You can choose to display STEP or STP files as wireframes, concealed lines, shades, or shades with borders in the body display mode.

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Using the Viewpoint option, you can view photographs in their front, back, left, right, top, bottom, and isometric forms. Additionally, you can change how a STEP or STP file appears when coloured differently by adding colours. Both STEP and STP files can be saved as XOV files.

GOM inspect

GOM Inspect is a straightforward software that functions as both a SETP file viewer and an STP viewer. You must select the option to create a new project and then import STEP or STP files to view STEP or STP files using GOM Inspect. Following that, you can view STP or STEP files. Various options are available for importing, such as triangulation, structural repair methods, filters, and coordinate systems. Also, STEP or STP files can be adjusted or created from scratch.

Using various options, you may rotate, move, pan, and zoom STEP and STP files. Using other options, you can also switch the viewing camera view and switch off the 3D measuring view.

The standard view, ISO standard view, change the perspective, viewpoint, element, label, 3D view elements, 3D measuring view, legend, set general display option, and screen configuration are a few available options. To switch between different view angles, select Views from the opportunity.

You can also make the point, line, plane, circle, slotted hole, rectangle, rectangle, polygon, cylinder, cone, sphere, section, curve, surface, any unique shape, point cloud, etc. using some of the available construction options.

In addition to G3D, STL, POL, PLY, JT-Open, CSV, ASCII, VDA/PSET, IGES, PDF, and PNG, STEP and STP files can also be exported. Additionally, you can save them as GCORRELATE, GSNAP, ARAMIS, ATOS, TRITOP, and PONTOS.


As a STEP file viewer or STP viewer, FreeCAD is a useful piece of free freeware. To view STEP files and STP files, you can select from the following navigational styles: OpenInventor, CAD, Blender, MayaGesture, Touchpad, gesture, and OpenCascade.

Using various draw style options, you can also view the STP file as flat lines, shaded view, wireframe view, or points view.

The views include an axonometric view, a front view, a top view, a right view, a left view, a rearview, a bottom view, etc. Additionally, you are free to create the perfect statement for yourself. FreeCAD allows you to pan, zoom, rotate, and perform several other tasks on STEP files. Also, a good STEP file editor, this freeware is free. There are several workbenches accessible that you can switch between.

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You can select from options like red/cyan, quad buffer, interleaved rows, interleaved columns, etc., when using some stereo options.

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The following file types can be exported from STEP or STP files: OBJ, DWG, DXF, BREP, BRP, BMS, DAE, SVG, SVGZ, DXF, UNV, MED, DAT, INP, IGES, IGS, GCODE, TAP, IFC, IV, OFF, OCA, CSG, SCAD, PCD, PLY, ASC, PDF, STEP, STL, AST, P

Viewer for VARIED

A straightforward freeware program called VARICAD Viewer can view STEP files. Additionally, it can be used to view STP files. It can batch-convert STEP files into VeriCAD, IGS, DWG, and DXF, as well as the other way around. PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF can be exported from STEP or STP files.

There are various viewing options to rotate, pan, zoom, and change the view of STEP and STP files. There are numerous options to view the content, including left, right, front, back, top, and bottom. It is simple to switch between 3D and 2D views for STEP and STP files. Additionally, there is an option to rotate pictures around several axes. You can wireframe or shade the entire display with some display options, view rotation from the centre of all solids to the show’s centre, etc.

Additionally, it can calculate and check 3D coordinates, distances in 3D, distance points in planes and cylinders, angles between planes, and cylinder dimensions. Additionally, it offers design edge and patch information.

Using several solid calculation options, you may compute the volume, mass, surface area, centre of gravity, and moment of inertia of 3D objects.


A straightforward freeware called AUTODESK 123D Design can view STEP and STP files. With our STEP file viewer, you can make a few quick adjustments to STEP and STP files. Here, some tools are available for you to utilize to move, rotate, align, resize, scale, pan, zoom, orbit, fit, and set the STEP files’ visibility options. You can also select to make some geometric shapes and small doodles for your 3D model.

It is possible to apply extrude, sweep, rotate, and loft options using some building parameters. Press pull, tweak, split face, fillet, chamfer, split solid, and shell are among the modification options. Other options include patterns, grouping, combining, measuring, adding text, and snapping.

Using this free STEP file viewer software, you can export STEP and STP files as 2D or 3D. SVG, DWG, and DXF are the 2D exportable export types. You can export them as STL, DWG, DXF, SAT, SREP, X3D, and VRML if you decide to output them as 3D.

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As a STEP file viewer, gCAD3D is a reliable piece of free freeware. The STEP file and STP file can both be edited using it. The following view options are available: top, front, side, axo, scale: all, scale.fix, and viewport. Shades, a 3D view, and the choice to show and hide specific elements are available options.

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Here, STEP and STP files can be viewed with or without measurements so that, if not already stated, you can acquire a general notion of a product’s dimensions. You can view STEP or STP files in VWR, CAD, or MAN format. STP and STEP files can also be exported as CAD, DXF, IGES, STEP, VRML, SVG, STL, OBJ, TESS, and JPG.


A freeware program to view STEP files is called IDA-STEP. Viewing STEP or STP files is possible with it. In this location, various parts and part details can be independently viewed. Many perspective options are offered for STEP and STP files, including components 3D, PCB/PCA, PCB layer stack, PCB layer library, and tasks. As examples of available views, there are overview, top, front, left, right, back, bottom, SW, SE, NE, NW, RX +90, RX -90, RY +90, RY -90, RZ +90, and RZ -90.

Other view options include triangular style, solid style, solid with wireframe style, wireframe style, and wireframe with hidden line removal style.

STP Viewer

A straightforward freeware, STP Viewer, is used to view STEP and STP files. You can zoom in here and perform other operations like dynamic rotation and panning. The options for the top, bottom, left, and right views are conveniently available. The options for wireframe, spin centre, and shade are also available. A diagram can have colour applied, and its opacity can be adjusted.


EnSuite-View is software that can be used to view STP files and STEP files. The free version allows you to view five files in a supported format per month. Pan, zoom, rotate, and other viewing options are possible. To assist you in viewing multiple planes, you have various view options to pick from, including front, back, left, right, and isometric. Other accessible views include wireframe, shaded without edges, shaded with edges, shaded with hidden lines greyed, and shaded with invisible lines erased, where the public display of the diagram is shown in wireframe form.

Additionally, it may be used to manage metadata, create references, create annotations, create bounding boxes, create sections, apply the material, and compute volume/weight, length/radius, and distance/angle. You must choose the material and describe the dimensions to do this.


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