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Is IG Clerk a Scam? IG Clerk Review 2022

How many options are there now for expanding your Instagram following? More than you might think. There’s virtually no end to how you may expand your Instagram following, but you need to use the correct outside resources, or you risk hurting your chances. This is to say that although many companies are in the massive social media marketing sector, that should be avoided. They are either selling phoney engagements or endangering their clients by engaging in behaviour that could result in an Insta ban.

It is important to find companies concerned with their client’s welfare and upholding their reputation. Let’s review a certain company to see if it’s worthwhile to spend your time with them.

Is IG Clerk a Scam? IG Clerk Review 2022

IG Clerk review

An Instagram growth service called IG Clerk claims the bold claim that it can assist its clients in growing their Instagram profiles naturally via a manual growth service. We believe they are just another bot, although they initially seem to have a good thing going.

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Describe IG Clerk.

As we discussed above, IG Clerk is a business that advertises that all of its client assistance is done by hand. According to the company’s homepage, it offers an incredibly cheap Instagram growth service that is entirely manual. They also claim that they are entirely compliant with Instagram, so you won’t have to worry about your account being suspended or closed down due to utilizing them.

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Naturally, we have doubts that they’re nothing more than a generic bot, which might land you in Instagram trouble. According to IG Clerk, their goal is to help clients save money and time and receive results that genuinely matter. Helping their clients free up a little bit in their schedules is one of their key objectives, which might be beneficial.

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They make aggressive claims, claiming that they have previously assisted other clients in expanding their following to more than 10,000, which is a respectable number of people. We are still determining how accurate this is, though, as it’s difficult to determine which reviews they feature are authentic.

What Characteristics Define IG Clerks?

IG Clerk appears to target other people for their clients, although there is a limit to this, we assume, so that they can try to abide by Instagram’s terms and conditions. Additionally, it prevents them from providing the client with services for which they are not compensated. They can assist their clients with either 5 or 40 targets. Depending on the package you choose, they also claim that they give email help or priority assistance and that they provide an account manager.

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Last but not least, they claim to offer a source reports feature so that their clients may observe what is and isn’t effective.

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Review IG Clerks Pricing by going to the website

How much do IG Clerks then charge its clients? The lower price point is $19 per month, and if you read the tiny print, they state that this is billed only once, so you must be ready to pay the full amount at once. You receive five targets at this price point but no account manager. The second price point offered by them is $69 per month, which is billed in full and is a lot to pay all at once. They provide source reports at this price tier, but an account manager still needs to be present.

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We’re not sure how you’re expected to contact an account manager because their website doesn’t list any different price ranges; this is a service they used to provide but no longer do.

IG Clerks Review of Pros and Cons

All companies, like IG Clerk, have a mix of good and negative aspects. Let’s examine what these are.

Reviewer’s Last Words

What’s the final word on this situation? If you want to succeed with your Instagram account, we don’t believe IG Clerk is safe to use. You shouldn’t sign up for it. Even though they may have the best intentions. They are no more than your usual Instagram bot. Which, while initially effective, will ultimately cause more harm than good.

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Find an organic company that is willing to protect you and your profile safe if you want to make your Instagram grow. Otherwise, you can find yourself in some trouble.

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