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LinkedIn and Personal Accounts Connecting?

Through a collaborative effort between LinkedIn and Microsoft apps and services, you may now access the information in your Microsoft account to better use your LinkedIn network. Connecting your LinkedIn and personal accounts is simpler than ever from within popular programs like Outlook.

If you link your LinkedIn account to your personal Microsoft account, Microsoft will have access to, store, and use your LinkedIn information through Microsoft’s Privacy Statement. Your LinkedIn ID and contact information are accounts of profile data; any information you make on LinkedIn also becomes public on your profile.

Where Your LinkedIn interests Lie

The suggestions you’ve received from other LinkedIn members, the individuals and subjects you’ve chosen to follow, and so on are all included.

Here you can view details about the LinkedIn apps and services you have enrolled in.

Your LinkedIn and personal accounts can be linked to receive discounts of up to 82

Connecting your LinkedIn and Microsoft accounts will allow you to access your LinkedIn profile within Microsoft applications and services.

  • To begin, you can use Microsoft products and services like Outlook.com to get to the files you require.
  • Second, if you click on a profile card, it will open in a new tab.
  • Click the LinkedIn icon or area on your profile card in Step 3.
  • The fourth step is to choose between the following possibilities: As a further step, let’s check out LinkedIn.
  • Fifth, if prompted, log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • In Step 6, click Accept to allow LinkedIn and Microsoft to share data.
  • If you still need to, link your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account by proceeding to Step 7.
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U.M.N. LinkedIn Education Group

Joining the U.M.N. LinkedIn Learning group is open and available to all active students, staff, and professors at the University of Minnesota. You can connect your U.M.N. account to your personal profile to get the most out of LinkedIn Learning at the University of Minnesota.

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U.M.N. Student Joins LinkedIn

Users can connect their LinkedIn accounts with U.M.N. LinkedIn Learning upon first-time registration. The purpose of this article is to show you how to link your personal and private accounts on LinkedIn Learning.

  • First, you can link your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account.
  • Accessing LinkedIn Learning with your University of Minnesota credentials is the second step.
  • Step 3: open a topic that interests your curiosity.
  • To Step 4, select Q&A from the menu to the right of the video player.
  • Sixth, I choose to connect my LinkedIn account. You’ll need to use your LinkedIn credentials to log in.

Connect LinkedIn to Outlook

Microsoft 365 streamlines teamwork by connecting your LinkedIn account with your Outlook inbox.

  • In the first step, head to the profile card and click the LinkedIn icon.
  • This information will then be displayed in Step 2 updates using LinkedIn integration features.
  • Here’s Step 3: Pick whether or not you wish to join me. Please use the following windows to proceed with LinkedIn.
  • The fourth step is to log your credentials into LinkedIn.
  • In the fifth step, you’ll authorize Outlook to access your LinkedIn profile.
  • In Stage 6, you’ll click the Accept button to link your Microsoft account to LinkedIn. Your two versions have been linked.
  • If you choose “Accept” in step 6, your LinkedIn information will be shown on profile cards in Microsoft apps and services.
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Connect LinkedIn and Facebook

Social media allows businesses to maintain relationships with their clientele, competitors, and vendors. Connecting your Facebook, in the same manner, you would need your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter accounts will help you meet more professional people and secure your career.

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One further option to merge your LinkedIn and personal accounts is to provide your customers with complete information or discounts and connect with them one-on-one.

After logging in, the left side of the news feed will change to reveal categories like Favorites, Groups, and Apps. Click “Apps” and then “App Center.” Entering “LinkedIn app” into the site’s search field will bring up results for relevant apps.

Check Out The App

When you tap the button labelled “Go to App,” you’ll be taken directly to the LinkedIn mobile app’s main screen. When you click “Connect with Facebook” to link your LinkedIn and personal accounts, a LinkedIn window asks for your LinkedIn email address and password.

Log in with your Facebook account.

When you’re ready, click “Log in with Facebook.” You can use this program to ask your Facebook friends whether they wish to join you on LinkedIn. I

If you’d rather not skip this step, click the “Skip This Step” button.

LinkedIn’s Essentials Package Is Completely Free

On the final step of the import process, select one of the two LinkedIn buttons. LinkedIn offers a free “Basic Version” and a paid “Premium” account. As soon as you connect your LinkedIn and personal accounts, your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will be automatically linked.

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In conclusion,

if you still need a LinkedIn account or aren’t logged into your university’s version of LinkedIn Learning, you can create one by connecting your profile. If you’ve separated your LinkedIn and personal accounts for any account, now is the time to join them.

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