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How to Post Longer Instagram Videos

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed, and its emphasis on sharing photos and videos has proven to be quite popular with users. The app’s mobile-friendly design makes it a great choice for the modern social networking user Instagram Videos. Taking and sharing high-quality photographs has always been challenging.

As users want new ways to connect with friends and followers, Instagram has been steadily expanding its functionality. Instagram, however, continues to limit such features, making it difficult for users to achieve their objectives. LONGER VIDEOS ARE ONE SUCH GOAL.

Instagram Videos’ Average Length

Users can record videos, share them on their profiles, send them via direct message, and post them to their Stories now that Instagram has begun focusing on videos to compete with TikTok and YouTube. But there is a time limit on each of these videos.

  • Up to four hours of Insta-Live content are possible (previously one hour).
  • On Instagram, “Stories” can go on for up to 15 seconds.
  • You can upload videos to your Instagram feed (formerly IGTV and feed posts till October 2021) that are up to an hour long.
  • Up to 90 seconds is allowed for Instagram Reels (previously 60 seconds).

It might be frustrating when you want to share something, but it will only fit in the allotted time.

The question now is how to circumvent Instagram’s video constraints. Longer videos can be promoted on Instagram using a few different methods. The first step is to choose the finest option. Although you cannot make Reels, Lives, or Videos any longer than their allotted time limit, you can make Stories “look” longer.

It is advisable to submit a taped video there so that the complete video can be viewed if it fits under Reels’ time limits (currently 90 seconds versus 60). If you really must use Instagram Stories, you can overlap them to look like one (up to 100 15-second clips with a short, practically undetectable break between them), giving you a full twenty-four hours to use them.

Instagram Videos Stories: Tips for Making Longer Clips

There is a 15-second clip limit when uploading videos to Instagram Stories. IG divides your video into 15-second segments if it exceeds that limit (up to 60 seconds total). To trim longer videos that overlap the 60-second limit, the best option is to use a third-party app to clip your videos before uploading them. That way, you can set the duration of each clip to play automatically rather than in 15-second intervals.

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You can cut the first part at 10 seconds, the second at 15 seconds, and the third at 60 seconds to make your Instagram Story longer. According to a report on Mashable, each user is limited to 100 Stories (episodes) per day.

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Clips/segments can be added to your Story as long as you need—up to the 100 Story limit—even though Instagram limits Stories to 60 seconds overall. Instagram will automatically play each segment in near-perfect succession.

Note: If your videos are shaky or there are odd clip transitions between them, it could be due to your uploading speed or the fact that Instagram needs more time to finish publishing your content. The transitions between clips became hazy for a short second when we tried to break a long video into segments with a third-party program. Eventually, IG displayed a reasonably clean transition, and the blur was no longer present.

To make your Instagram Stories longer, check out these methods.

Uploading Your Extended Video to Instagram Stories is Directly

Uploading your longer video directly from the app is the fastest way to add it to Instagram Stories. It’s important to remember that Instagram only uses the first 60 seconds, and even then, it breaks the segments into 15-second chunks. The result is that only the opening minute of your video is shared, which is usually different from what people want.

Add the lengthy video to your Story by visiting Instagram. Video clips on IG start at 15 seconds and can go on for up to a full minute. The video is cut off after that.

Some users might need help to be able to use this option. On June 18, 2022, we kept receiving an error after uploading the initial 15-second clip. The next one wouldn’t continue.

Create Longer Instagram Stories by Combining Many Clips

Posting your video in increments manually is the best and simplest approach to making longer videos for your Instagram Stories. Using this method, you can post videos longer than the 60-second limit for Stories.

Some third-party tools ensure that your video is Instagram-friendly by automatically cutting it into 15-second segments or shorter (resolution, framerate, etc.). The app does so mechanically when they need to meet Instagram’s minimum requirements. Here are some of the greatest options for making Instagram Stories longer.

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InShot, available for both iOS and Android

Because you can make multiple adjustments to your video before uploading it, such as stickers, transitions, music, filters, etc., InShot is one of the best video editing software options. Also, InShot is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. Add your video to InShot, make any necessary adjustments, and then choose to share it on Instagram. You may then post it to your Instagram Stories from there.

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Android Story Editor

Because it is quick and simple to use, Story Cutter by Cubetix Private Picture Vault is a great second option for Android. We mention the publisher names to avoid downloading a fake app and ensure you get the right one. Start the splitting process with Story Cutter by selecting the video, choosing Instagram as the source, and then tap Done. Then, you share each clip or section to Instagram Stories, and IG will put them all together to make a longer video.

Separate Instagram Videos for the iPhone/iPad

New Marketing Lab, Inc.’s Split Video is a solid option for iOS/iPhone. You can use the app to its fullest extent without paying a dime. Its regulated and limited advertising is what sets it unique.

IOS app called CutStory

The alternative text for this picture is blank; the filename is Screen-Shot-2022-06-19 at-12.34.16-AM-1024×391.png.

For creating consecutive 15-second clips for Instagram Story videos, CutStory by LLC Sport Star Management, another highly-rated iOS app, provides more editing options. There is no advertising in CutStory, but all stories include a watermark unless you pay a premium price (still very reasonable) or subscribe.

Never-Ending updates for the iOS version of Instagram

Continual for Instagram is available for iPhone users $7.99 on the App Store. If you want to post longer videos to your Instagram Stories, this app will automatically cut them into 15-second segments. The clips can then be uploaded singly or in groups.

It is easier than this to cut and upload lengthy videos to Instagram.

iOS StoryDivide app

For iOS users who can’t afford more expensive video editing software, StorySplitter is available for no cost (.99 for the premium version). Splitting videos into 15-second clips achieves the same result.

It only lets you post videos in landscape mode, unlike Continual for Instagram, and it will watermark your images if you upgrade to the paid version. Yet for a free app, it should serve its purpose.

Video Editing Tools Included

It’s also possible, albeit difficult, to utilize your phone’s video editing features to trim the video into 15-second chunks. You can overlook segments while editing if you need help locating the precise moments to clip. If you go with this option, you’ll need to make a one-minute video and trim it into four or more 15-second clips, each of which you can easily upload to Instagram separately.

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Follow these instructions from your phone’s gallery to upload your clips to Instagram Stories. Keep in mind that third-party programs’ Instagram buttons directly access Instagram Stories.

  1. In the upper right corner, tap the plus sign (+).
  2. From the list of options, choose Story.
  3. Choose numerous videos and images by long-pressing one of them to bring up the multi-select option or tap on the image you wish to add to your Story.
  4. To continue, tap Next in the bottom right corner.
  5. Choose Layout if you want images, or Separate if you wish videos, photos, or both.
  6. The chosen files are clips or segments at the bottom of the new screen. You can proceed to the next section by tapping the Next button.
  7. At the very bottom, you’ll see the Share screen. Make sure Your Story is checked, then tap Share.
  8. The uploading and conversion procedure for Instagram will start.
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When someone views your Instagram Story, they will see your video clips and segments in the order you posted them, regardless of the method you used to make your Story longer. It won’t be perfectly smooth, but the Story you want will be reflected closely.

Go Live is the third method.

Your videos will be somewhat smoother, which is the main drawback of either of the aforementioned methods. Even though Instagram Stories will play in chronological order without you having to do anything, there may be a slight pause between each clip.

You should shoot your video live if you want it to be complete.

Instagram broadcasts can last up to four hours.

The Most Often Asked Questions About Creating Longer Videos for Instagram

A link to my video would be great.

Mentioning “Link in Bio” in your post will always drive viewers to your YouTube channel, website, or other social media platform where your video is shared. Instagram’s spam-blocking mechanism means users can’t add links to their posts.

Closing Remarks

Instagram’s massive success can be attributed to the app’s functionality as a powerful medium for sharing media, such as images and videos, with friends and family. Nevertheless, Instagram’s time limits might be annoying when you want to upload a video longer than a minute.

Take the time to make your video as compelling as possible if you need to get it displayed on your Instagram Videos feed. It isn’t easy, but possible, to make an amazing, high-quality, interesting video in under 15 seconds.


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