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YouTube Activate using Youtube.com/activate (2023)

To start accessing youtube activate tv on your phone, tablet, or PC, you must first activate youtube activate code using the Youtube.com/activate website on a phone, tablet, or PC. This operation starts the sign-in process and connects the device to the user’s Google account. Watching videos from the video-sharing website is possible by combining a Google account with a TV. To activate an app, go to Youtube.com/activate and enter the code on the TV screen. Unfortunately, the YT app’s instructions could be more varied, which leaves users perplexed.

Only some people know how to obtain this code, where to open the provided link (by phone or TV), and where to enter it.  On your TV, download and launch the YouTube app. Click Sign in here. Open a web browser on a different device (such as a computer or smartphone) and go to youtube.com/activate. Sign in to your Google account here. Your TV will display a code after that.

The experience is greatly enhanced while watching videos on a big screen. We can enjoy viewing videos, tutorials, shows, and music videos in the finest quality possible thanks to the range of 4K videos readily available on the video streaming platform. Activating YouTube on your device is fairly simple, but it could not seem easy without instructions.

This guide will explain how to youtube activate com for devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TVs, PCs, Xbox One, Kodi, Samsung or Apple TV , Nintendo Switch, and other devices by utilizing the URL Youtube.com/activate.

You must sign into your YouTube account to connect smart devices like Kodi, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Apple or Samsung TVs, and others to the streaming service and watch videos immediately. The entire experience is comparable to the Netflix activation process. Was it not youtube activate tv code?

YouTube Activate using Youtube.com/activate (2023)

Activate YouTube on your device by visiting youtube.com/activate
Youtube Activate on the Xbox One

You must find and open the YT app to activate YouTube and view videos on Xbox One, One S, and X models in 4K and lower quality. You should enter your Google account credentials to sign in for the first time. A step-by-step guide for verifying your YouTube account on Xbox One is provided below:

1. Start the YouTube app.
2. Go to Settings & Sign-in.
3. The activation code will appear on the screen.
4. Go to youtube activate switch on your computer or your phone now.
5. Log in to your Google account if necessary. Click Next after entering the code that appears on your screen.
6. To complete the activation process, click Allow Access.
7. You may proceed now. Instant YouTube video enjoyment is now possible on Xbox One.

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Activate on Roku

  1. This is a very simple guide to carrying out the task of activating Youtube on Roku. To find and enter your Roku code on the YouTube.com/activate website, follow the instructions provided by our experts.
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2. Connect Roku to your TV and log in with your Roku account first.
3. You can access the Home screen by pushing the matching button on your remote.
4. Then, using the remote, click Channel Store and press OK.
5. Go to Top Free, select Youtube, and then click OK.
6. Press OK after selecting Add Channel.
7. The My Channels section should now include the Youtube channel. Navigate to Home > My Channels to see this.
8. Open the YouTube page.
9. Click OK after navigating to the Gear icon on the YouTube channel.
10. Select Sign in, then enter your YouTube account information (if required).
11. Your screen will display the YouTube activation code from Roku.
12. Go to youtube.com/activate on your phone or computer.
13. Please sign in to your Google account if you haven’t already. You will be asked to enter an 8-digit code provided by Roku once you have signed in. Click Next after doing so.
Click Allow access after selecting your YouTube account to complete the verification process.

Activate YouTube on a Smart TV

In a few simple steps, you can utilize a youtube activate link to link your youtube activate not working account to your Smart TV. Not all TVs can play this video format, so keep that in mind. If you checked and it does, follow these simple instructions to take advantage of the video material immediately.

Youtube activation on Smart TVs made in 2013 or later

1. On your TV, open the YouTube app.
2. Open the Gear icon by navigating to it on the left.
3. To sign in, click.
4. Now an 8-digit code will display on your TV.
5. Go to youtube.com/activate on your phone or computer.
6. Log in to your Google account if necessary. On the screen of your Smart TV, enter the 8-digit code.
7. Complete your YouTube account, then click Next. Finally, click Allow to finish.

Older TV model instructions

You’ve just discovered the solution to your question about how to view YouTube on an antique TV. TV models made before 2013 probably still utilize the outdated flash YouTube app. Here’s how to connect to such TVs and stream YouTube content:

1. On your TV, open the YouTube app.
2. Select the Sign in option on the left.
3. An eight-digit code should now display on your TV.
4. Go to youtube.com/activate on your phone, tablet, or computer.
5. Log in and enter the code on your TV screen whenever necessary.
6. Click your YouTube account by clicking Next, then click Allow.

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Activate on using Fire TV or Firestick

You can view YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and use Alexa to operate the app. However, you must first youtube activate tv enter code to start enjoying such an experience. What you must do is as follows:

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1.  Make sure to download the YouTube app.
2. Start the YouTube app.
3. On the left pane, click Sign in.
4. The code will appear on your screen.
5. Go to the URL (com/activate) displayed on the screen.
6. Click your YouTube account and let to confirm by clicking Next.

Activate on YouTube on the Playstation 3.

On the Playstation, activating YouTube is simple. Opening the app, obtaining the verification code, and entering it online via the specified domain are all required. Here is a thorough explanation:

1. Launch YouTube on your PlayStation. This app is available for download from the   Playstation Store if you don’t already have it.
2. Go to Sign in & Settings in the app.
3. Select Sign in, then hit X on your controller.
4. The authorization code will appear on your screen.
5. Now go to youtube.com/activate on your phone, tablet, or another device.
6. Enter the permission code, sign into your Google account, and click the Next button.
7. Click Allow to grant access after selecting your YouTube account. I’m done now!

Activate on YouTube in Kodi.

This will require some extra work to activate YouTube on Kodi. However, our guide shows how to enter a code on YouTube to access videos on your device. What you need to do is as follows:

1. Select Add-ons after going to Settings.
2. Select the choice Install from Repository/Get Add-ons.
3. Deciding on the Kodi Add-on Repository.
4. Decide on Video Add-ons.
5. Find and choose YouTube here, then select Install.
6. After installation, navigate to Videos > Add-ons.
7. Open YouTube.
8. Select Sign in. The permission code will then appear on your screen as a result.
9. Go to the indicated link (ending in com/activate) on a different device, such as a tablet, phone, or laptop, and sign in using your Google account (if required). Enter the code that appears on your screen.
10. To proceed, select the YT account and then click Next. You’re finished!

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

YouTube is fairly simple to activate on Apple TV. Retrieve the code from the sign-in page and enter it online using the same authorization link.

1. Go to Sign in & Settings on Apple TV. Select Sign in here. The authorization code will then display on your screen as a result.
2. Now use a phone, tablet, or laptop to access youtube.com/activate.
3. If necessary, log into your Google account and then enter the authorization code provided. Click Next.
4. To proceed, select a YT account and then click Allow to finish.

Activate YT on your Samsung TV.

You can activate YouTube on your Samsung TV by following the instructions at youtube.com/activate. While certain devices might not support the YouTube app, most do. Contact Samsung support to find out what you can do if you cannot activate this service using the offered guide.

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1. Navigate to Settings & Sign-in. Select Sign in here. You will receive an authorization code from this, which you must enter into a specific internet link.
2. To access www dot, youtube.com slash activates, use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
3. If prompted, sign into your Google account and enter the code appropriately. For the next step, click.
4. To use on your TV, select your YouTube account.
5. To finish the process, click Allow. You’re finished!

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Activate YouTube on Nintendo Switch

It’s simple to activate YouTube on the Switch. Follow these instructions to complete this authorization procedure fast. We’ll go over everything in detail later. You must first have a Nintendo Account; keep this in mind.

1. Visit the eShop on Switch.
2. Select Search, then click “YouTube.”
3. Click the appropriate result, then click Free Download.
4. The eShop can now be complete, and you can wait till the download is finished.
5. To open the YouTube app, click on it.
6. Select which user to use.
7. The left side of the page should show a list of icons when you look there. Select the person icon. You’ll be provided with a code.
8. Use another device, such as a phone or laptop, to open youtube.com/activate. Use your Google account to sign in here, then enter the code from the Nintendo Switch YT app.
9. Click Next. Click Allow after selecting the YT account you wish to use. I’m done now!
Turn on YouTube on a smart television or another device.
Final actions in the activation process.

Most Commonly Asked Questions
For me, Youtube Activate is not functional. The website where I entered the code is ineffective. What ought I do?

It would help if you went to this precise URL and not some dubious one you find on search engines to activate Youtube via youtube.com/activate. You will be redirected to accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/device/usercodeafter clicking this link, where you will need to enter “the code associated with your device.” You quickly complete the activation using this method.

Why am I unable to use my Google Account to sign into Youtube?

Make sure your YouTube app is up to date if you are having trouble signing in. Search for www youtube activate on the Google Play store or another shop compatible with your device’s operating system. If there is an update, download it. Retry activation.

When I try to activate YouTube on my device, I get a message that reads, “Youtube isn’t available with your Google account.” How can I fix this issue?

The only users of the Youtube Kids app under 13 normally see this message. If you are an adult and receive this message, ensure you are logged into the right account.


Our guide on how to access YouTube on your preferred smart device and activate it using the youtube activate URL was helpful. Now, regardless of whether you’re using a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo Switch, Samsung TV, Apple TV, or any other smart TV, you should be able to freely access and watch millions of videos.


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