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Top 11 Best WinDirStat Alternatives Update Services In 2023

WinDirStat must be mentioned when we talk about disc analyzer tools. Over the years, it has garnered the favor of the best in the industry. However, if you are bothered by slow tools, this is not the best option in the long run. Also, unless you have installed it, there is no option to port. Another significant downside of using this is that you cannot preserve the scan results. This is why people have started looking for WinDirStat alternatives. If you’re one of them, keep reading to discover the best alternatives to WinDirStat download!

Top 11 Best WinDirStat Alternatives Update Services In 2023:

1. TreeSize

When garbage files and obsolete data take up a lot of space on your hard drive, it’s time to use TreeSize to get rid of them. This program checks disc space by scanning your volumes in a matter of seconds and provides useful reporting. As a result, you’ll know what steps to take the following time. TreeSize swiftly cleans up your disc if you notice a lot of trash and useless files. Because of the integrated Windows Explorer menu and keyboard shortcuts, you can delete undesirable files in seconds. With the amazing visualization of a customizable treemap, disc spring cleaning is becoming easier.

While WinDirStat portable does not allow you to save scan reports, TreeSize does provide an export feature that allows you to save scan results. The report can be exported to PDF format and printed as needed. Best of all, if you’re using a touchscreen device, it has an easy-to-use touch interface.

2. SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer is a sophisticated alternative to WinDirStat for mac for organizing your Windows computer’s hard disc space. This shareware is light and gentle on your computer, so it will not waste a lot of data resources. Instead, it will aid in improving the computer’s performance. The portable scanning utility is jam-packed with capabilities, including a user-friendly UI and zoomable sections that allow you to explore like a web browser. With drag-and-drop support, analyzing and tidying your disc is a breeze. This program also includes customization options, strong filtering to limit the view content, clever cache scanning, and a pop-up menu for Windows folders. It also can scan NTFS.

3. WizTree

WizTree should be on your list if you need a WinDirStat alternative with rapid scanning. It scans 46 times faster than WinDirStat mac, saving you time when looking for space hogs’ on your hard disc. The Master File Table (MFT) is read from the disc, which is the key to its quick scan. WizTree also boasts great accuracy because it does not count the same hard-linked files twice. This distinguishing trait allows the program to appropriately assign space. It also allows you to determine the sizes of any files, including large ones, using the visual tree map.

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You don’t have to put in extra effort when using this software because it automatically arranges directories. WizTree is available for free for personal use. However, for commercial use, you must make a purchase.

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4. Disk Analyzer Pro

Disc Analyser Pro is an excellent tool for freeing up disc space and organizing files. When your Windows or Mac computer becomes slow, the hard disk space on your computer may become clogged with rubbish and useless data. This software scans and analyses the disc to determine its utilization so that you can take the appropriate steps. Disc Analyser Pro, like WinDirStat, allows you to eliminate unneeded files and data. As a result, you can free up disc space and improve system performance. Not to mention that it aids in the organization of data storage. Disc Analyser Pro can also locate the largest directories and oldest files. Both files take up space, so you may need to delete them to make room. With a precise report on disc space utilization, you can manage disc space wisely.

5. Disk Recon

Disc Recon is a Blacksun Software tool that helps you discover information about your disc space. When your computer slows down, the hard disc space has likely runout. This application will tell you where it has gone and how to get it back. Managing hard discs is made simple by a slew of capabilities that perform activities ranging from file searching to discovering duplicate files. You may also monitor files, rename them in bulk, determine file size, and create custom filters. Disc Recon, like other software similar to WinDirStat, is lightweight and inexpensive. It also offers an easy-to-use UI that is suitable for beginners. Having this program on your PC assists you in maintaining the machine’s performance.

6. SpaceMonger

SpaceMonger can help you get rid of a slow PC. This disc-cleaning tool is intended to swiftly clear up hard disc space on shared networks and personal computers. Once downloaded, you may scan your computer with a single click. Analyze the outcome and decide what to do with it. SpaceMonger can copy and delete files to recover disc space in addition to scanning, mapping, and maintaining your hard disc. It also works well for locating huge files and folders, thanks to easy-to-read Treemap visualizations.

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Flexible search makes it easy to find files. Files may be quickly found by category, size, and custom criteria. SpaceMonger works nicely with Windows XP and later. This software should be on your list if you want a user-friendly and lightweight disc analyzer.

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7. DiskSavvy

This disc space analyzer is useful for resolving storage issues on your PC. It has a simple and clean design that allows you to scan and manage hard discs without putting in extra effort. This program has several useful functions such as a disc analyser and a file finder.

A crucial aspect that makes it suitable for personal usage is the extensive customization options. You may not only analyze hard disc space utilization, but you can also filter files by modification time, accessed time, extension, and even username. This WinDirStat replacement includes pie charts and statistics to enhance the user experience. It also supports plugins for additional functionality. However, if you want to use more advanced capabilities such as command line and network drive support, you must upgrade to the premium version.

8. HDGraph

HDGraph is an interactive disc analyzer for Windows OS that provides a novel way to clear up space on your hard disc. It includes a separate circular ring chart that displays data from your disc space. Most data is in the center, and as it spreads outward, the data size decreases. This is a unique manner of displaying data that you won’t find anyplace else. Things are improving as each part can be double-clicked for more information. If a table or regular charts bore you, HDGraph provides cool, customizable charts.

The program is compatible not only with hard disc drives, but also with network folders, CDs, and USB drives. When you identify large-sized unnecessary files or folders, select remove to free up disc space. Overall, HDGraph is a highly recommended program, particularly if you require a disc analyzing tool with a modest download size.

9. TweakNow DiskAnalyzer

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer is next on the list, and it will tell you what is taking up a lot of space on your hard disc. The simple and easy-to-understand UI makes it simple to use even without reading the instructions. In just a few minutes, you can analyze your hard disc! This tool is divided into two sections: General and Summary. While the General section lists and displays data as well as their sizes, the Summary area is where you should manage them. You may also identify the 20 largest files on your hard drive and decide what to do with them.

TweakNow helps you to eliminate unneeded files found during the examination to clear up disc space. One of the best features of this program is that it creates reports in an easy-to-understand format. A simple bar graph can quickly reveal which files consume the most disc space.

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10. SequoiaView

SequoiaView, a dependable disc analyzing program, assists you in analyzing the hard disc and determining what is wasting a lot of space. This software provides an excellent method for locating files and folders that consume hard disc space and slow computer performance.

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It includes cushion treemaps, a visualization approach that shows the whole contents of your hard drive in a single image. This method allows you to locate and handle huge files and directories. Unlike typical treemaps, it provides a unique visualization for a more effective approach. Once the result is displayed in SequoiaView, you can choose, inspect, and open files and directories. It does not, however, allow you to directly change the files. You can also narrow down your search by size, name, or modification date.

11. JDiskReport

JDiskReport is a simple option for determining how much space your files take up on your hard disc. Dozens of simple features assist you in analyzing and managing disc space so you can resolve performance issues. Using this program will be straightforward thanks to its user-friendly UI. JDiskReport, like other disc analyzer applications, allows you to locate obsolete and unneeded files or directories. It can also study disc drives and display statistics in charts and tables. It also features a top 50 section where you may see 50 huge files in various locations.

Furthermore, it includes built-in themes for improved visualization. Change the user interface to have a new experience controlling your hard disc. This ad-free freebie is the best of the season. On Windows, Linux, and Mac, you can analyze the disc without interruption.

Final Words:

This concludes our blog post on the Top 6 WinDirStat Alternatives for Managing Disc Space. I hope you were able to find your favourite among the possibilities presented above. All of these programmes are intended to make the process of craeating a clean and safe disc easier. If you ask for our advice, we propose Disc Analyser Pro from Systweak Software. The tool works flawlessly tao search, locate, and delete zero-byte files (computer files that contain no data but nonetheless use disc space), temporary Internet files, garbage files, compressed files, and anything else that takes up unnecessary storage space.

If you know of or use another outstanding WinDirStat substitute, please share your thoughts in the comments section. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us at


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